I am doing it.  It is REAL.  We have a location, we have a stylist (with more to come!) and we have a plan!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  If you are in our neighborhood, please check out our FB page and join us!!!

So, I have had a few of you loyal readers (I am still shocked I have loyal readers) ask me how to do this?  Since I am making it up as I go along, I will give you my recipe.  Alter to taste!

1.  Pick a local autism charity group.  There are a lot of wonderful causes out there… my take is consider a group that is doing wonderful work at a local level and fundraise for them.   Go bigger if you like, but I love the idea of raising money for the people in my own community.

2.  Find some amazing stylists who are willing to volunteer their time.  Partner with them to get the materials and to set the donation you will ask for.

3.  Find a place to do it.

4. Advertise… flyers, posters, Facebook, etc.

5. Organize people to help run it.  Friends, family, etc… you might even consider other organizations like therapy centers to volunteer their time for a little free advertising.

6.  Hold your event!  Provide A TON of free information about autism so that the Highlighted can go out and educate the world!!!  Or at least the old lady at work who will wonder why you have blue in your hair!!!!

Let’s Highlight It Blue!!!

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