Health Counselling

Counselling for Reconciliation

Understanding yourself and those around you – partner, family members, employees – creates a calmness that supports clear decision making around relationships.  Without this there is often a lot of confusion, anger, insecurity and argument.  David offers individual Counselling, Couples, Family and Work Environment Counselling.

Counselling for Pathways and Career

Having a clear pathway breads success in work and life.  Explore that pathway and clarify your goals and objects.  Have them challenged and reinforced.  Set your sights on success and then allow David to help you trim the sails to accelerate your life’s journey.

Counselling for Stress Management

A Counselling session can be an effective way for you to start understanding your stresses and triggers, how they impact your body and your life, and to help develop techniques to manage and minimize their effect. Poorly managed stress can bread mental illness and disease.  Develop techniques to harness your stress for good (and not evil), through a series of lifestyle adaptions that suit you.

Counselling for Recurring Ailments or Pain Management

Are aches and pains a result of getting old or are you getting old because of your aches and pains? Perhaps you have unexplained pains or your body seems to not self-regulate and recover.  Perhaps you are unwell all or most of the time with no logical explanation.

Counselling for Addiction

Addictions are an ever growing problem in western society and this problem may be touching your life. The Clinic offers Counselling for Addicts, pending addicts and those affected by the addiction of others.  Strategies are developed for dealing with the issues.

Holistic Counselling

Do you have a collection of symptoms that are identified as a “Syndrome”?  Are you confused by a lack of support from your doctor?  Are you over medicated or confused about your options?  David is a Scalpetou Counsellor and may be able to guide you through the labyrinth of modalities and processes that are available to you.