The use of Glass Cups to improve circulation and clear blockages within the tissues of the body


What is Cupping?

A common therapeutic technique used in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Cupping is the use of jar like cups which are attached to the body using suction to alleviate aches and pains and stimulate blood flow.

The suction is created by creating a vacuum in the cup by burning a flame within the cup to force out the air. The flame is extinguished and the cup is then placed on the body where it is held in place with the suction created by the vacuum within the cup.

What does it feel like and will I get big purple bruises?

There is a sensation of pulling as the skin is sucked up into the cup. This shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable.

How does Cupping work?

Cupping works on a few different levels, it helps increase circulation in the area, helps separate tissues and muscle fibres, pulls out old blood and debris stuck in the tissue due trauma, clears blockages and returns normal circulation. Cups can be applied with gentle suction and with the addition of some massage oil and used as an effective form of massage.

What about the purple marks you see on peoples backs after Cupping?

These are not bruises and generally cupping doesn’t cause bruising. The purple circular marks are from the actions of the cup pulling old blood stuck in the tissues out toward the surface for the body’s lymphatic system to take care of. The marks can take upto a week to fade and they don’t tend to come up on everyone.