Chinese Herbal Medicine

Patent Chinese herbal formulas are used to treat various conditions and disorders as well as aiding in general health and wellbeing

Chinese herbal medicine has been around as long as humanity itself with early man’s survival depending on what plants were toxic or not and this experience also lead to understanding what made him stronger and helped sustain life, and even help ward of infections. Over thousands of years and millions of human trials, the complex and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment methods of Chinese herbal medicine were developed.

Herbal medicine then lead to the combining of herbs which further developed in to hundreds of herbal formulas covering a wide range of health problems. These formulas were designed holistically to treat the symptoms of a patients disease/disorder and more importantly to targeted the root cause of the problem improving the patients overall health. These formulas were well documented and further refined over hundreds and thousands of years. The advantage with herbal medicine is if formulated for the condition correctly there were no side effects.

Chinese herbal formulas are now prepared and available in tablet and capsule, and the more recent granular form. These formulas complement acupuncture treatments helping support and improve a patient’s health between treatments.

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